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These systems offer public percentages as well as updates on sportsbooks line signals, and over 80% win rate accuracy with transparent results.


Breaking down basic sports betting terms, strategies and approaches.


Breaking down basic sports betting terms, strategies and approaches.


Breaking down over/under betting, plus when and how to use it to win consistently.


Fantasy sports and eSports sports betting tips and easy copy paste automated system picks.


Free sports betting tools and trial periods available.

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We provide tips, sports betting strategies and which Z-Code System sports betting tool works best for that strategy to help you place your bets with confidence.

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Fully Verified

PartnershipThese sports betting tools have been back-tested and fully verified by 3rd party monitoring services. BETVERIFY, BetDog, Pick Monitor.

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Getting Started

Get started with a survey. Taking one our surveys, can help you find the betting tool that’s right for you. After selecting a sports betting tool, choose a bookmaker to place your bets.

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The surveys are designed to walk you through the sports betting tool features, and show you how they work before committing to any services. Explore surveys

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If you don’t have a bookmaker account, check out our links for bookmakers websites. Having 2-3 accounts is ideal, so can place different bet types in different bookmakers sites.

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Select a  bookmaker websites down below. Here is a list of fantasy sports bookmakers websites: Draft Kings, FanDuel, Draft Day, Fantasy Draft.

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Take Your Sports Betting Strategy to the next level

Sports Investing Breakdown

Investing into analytical sports betting is not only more rewarding than any other money making program, it involves less risk because:

It needs no learning of html, marketing, website building or hours spent in front of the PC.

Just only 3 minutes a day logged into the membership area, check the sports betting computer generated predictions (plus, you can read the logic behind it and additional feedback from the expert handicappers,) then place your bets accordingly.

Now introducing AI Picks! Using cutting-edge technology, get comprehensive computer generated sports predictions with incredible win rates and remarkable accuracy.

Watch, 24 hours LATER the profits rolling in… It can be done every single day of the week.

What does it take to become a sports investing professional? This SURVEY  could clarify any questions you might be thinking.

So, where are these “computer generated” predictions coming from? Basically they use the mathematical approach combined with their sports betting robot called the Z-Code System.

Mathematics applied to sports betting that is truly unique, unlike handicappers that usually turn out to be emotional, this sports betting robot has purely analytical calculations from historical data and 80+ parameters for each prediction. The Z-Code System was developed based on scientific research and is a true investing robot! The only difference to artificial trading systems in the financial sector is, that its formula applies to sporting events!

Let’s be realistic, to start your own online business you would need: website (no good website platform is for free, and that costs money), let’s say you want to place ads (money for each posting), next some type of software to organize your business and keep things in order (that cost money as well).

Bottom line, there is no “free” way to make money even if you have a traditional job and punch a clock. You still need to pay for transportation, possibly lunch, possibly work attire ect. Paying a monthly fee for a reputable sports betting system that provides over 87% accuracy in win rates, isn’t that much of a compromise when you see real results.

Sports betting may not be the obvious choice to making money online, but this is a straightforward approach for having additional income or replacing your 9–5. Even if you’re not into sports the beauty of this system that you don’t have to follow sports at all. Just follow the experts recommendations from the Z-Code System and place your bets. No sports knowledge required.

See you in the members area! For more information about sports betting visit their website.

Managing Sports Betting Investments of All Sizes

When it comes to sports betting, your approach really matters. If you are starting out, try these following pro tips to begin your journey into sports investing. Start small, then build your way up to larger investments.

Pro tip for beginners

If you are new the sports betting and you are looking for some tips and strategies on where to begin, take a look at the basic terminology like; moneyline, over/under, and point spread to get accustomed with the sports betting markets.

Most sports like NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB use this basic betting market format, but might have a different term for that specific sport. For example, basketball and American football use the term point spread for their betting market and hockey has the puck line. Both are referring to the point coverage for that team whether a (+) or (-). Check out point spread betting for more info.

Try starting with one sport that you are interested or follow. Starting with a sport that you are familiar with will help you understand how to apply the betting markets to place your wagers, and also become familiar with the statistics and performance. Learn the betting market terminologies for one sport at a time to avoid confusion. Pick a sport that is the beginning of the season to track that team/player’s performance. This will build a higher confidence level when placing your bets, for consistent wins.

Focus on one team/player

When choosing a team/player to follow, it doesn’t have to be a particularly “good” or “strong” team/player. What to look for is stability in their performance, meaning if they are in favorite status, then they should win the game/match. Same for when they are in the underdog status as well. If they are the underdog, then they should lose. Unstable teams/players are when they lose in favorite status and win as the underdog.

Knowing that information, when placing your bets, you don’t necessarily have to always bet for that team/player you follow. This can mean you might have to bet against that team/player if the opponent might have the advantage.  

If you come across a tight game/match where the winner is uncertain, then a good strategy is to bet on the total score or team total. Over/under bets are a great betting strategy for tight games/matches. If there are any unclear signals for a particular game, then it’s best to skip that game all together. Better to avoid any costly mistakes than to force a low confidence wager.

dollar bills falling next to a stack of coins

Bookies cheat! I’m just saying, you’ve been warned…

This may be no surprise to some people, but now that you’re aware of this information, what’s the next step? First, find a reputable bookmaker. This can alleviate any worries which allows you to place your bets with confidence.

You might be wondering, where are these “reputable bookmakers?” Doing some light research and comparing payouts and pricing is a easy and effective way to find a bookmaker that works for you. Pro tip: having more than one bookmaker account is ideal for placing different bet types for different outcomes to maximize profit. For a list of bookmakers check out their website.

Okay, you have a bookmakers account that you can trust, now how do you start winning? Having a sports betting system is key to staying on the right side of winning. If you are having trouble finding strategies for placing bets, take our survey to find out how you can win consistently in sports betting.

For more helpful tips and strategies on sports betting, visit our website. Best of luck to you and happy betting!


When it comes to sports betting, there is no 100% guarantee profits every game. If any betting services claim that, then I wouldn’t use their strategies. There will always be SOME loses in sports betting. Following a reputable sports betting system and watching for active signals, can help you stay on the right side of winning.



Long-term thinking, and money management will allow you to keep yourself from making costly mistakes in sports betting. When looking for sports picks, pay attention to profits more than win rates alone. A team or a particular prediction might have a high win rate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it brings in the most profits, and that’s the main objective, money.


Consistency is important, following a sports betting system from a reputable service will help take a lot of guesswork out of finding the right picks. Not every prediction is a winning pick. Don’t sweat the losses they will happen sometimes. Allowing a money management system to keep your bankroll in order is crucial. Trends are not always the answer.



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Free Insider Strategies 66+ Page Sports Betting Book PDF version + Amazon Print version of their new book. Check out the survey for a sneak peak.



Select a game from the drop down menu. Enter your email address. The game simulator predict the winner.

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